Bronzing Mousse

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A self-tanning foam formulated with naturally derived ingredients. This lightweight formula allows for easy application and flawless bronzing results. Great for all skin types and skin tones.

  • Lightweight Formula for streak-free, easy application
  • Medium, build-able color
  • Natural bronzers provide a washable color guide for even application and immediate bronzed benefits


Pump a liberal amount of mousse onto an applicator mitt and squeeze your fingers to your palms to evenly distribute the foam. On cleansed skin, apply the product in an even, circular motion over the body. Begin with areas where the sun naturally hits the skin. Use excess product to lightly blend over hands and feet. Thoroughly wash hands after application. Wait 5-10 minutes before fully dressing and allow 8+ hours before showering for full color development. PRO TIP: Apply a thin layer of lotion to areas of the body where skin is thinner or tends to be more dry, such as hands, feet, knees and elbows, before you begin the process. After application, apply a pea size amount of lotion to hands and blend in completely to avoid harsh lines between your fingers and knuckles.